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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Birmingham Laser Hair Removal is the latest in sophisticated, relatively-painless hair removal techniques that ensures long-lasting results; in many cases, these results are permanent. It works by targeting areas of the skin that contain melanin.

Melanin is the compound that gives skin or hair its color, the more melanin present, the darker the result. In people with light skin, melanin is usually concentrated in the hair, making it a dark color than its surrounding skin. So, when exposed to a laser that can produce a very specific wavelength of light, the hair shaft will absorb the light and heat of the laser, which travels down to the follicle at its root and destroys it. With repeated sessions, the follicles are weakened to the point of being unable to produce hair, or they are destroyed permanently.


The beauty of this laser treatment is that it is much more effective than waxing, and is extremely accurate in its ability to target just the dark melanin-dense hairs, and the lighter surrounding skin is left unaffected.

At Birmingham Laser Hair Removal we can offer high quality laser hair removal at a low price, at this and our other laser hair removal salons across the country. Call us today and make your dream a reality.