Waxing Birmingham

Waxing Birmingham – The Alternatives

Waxing Birmingham – Wanted to get rid of hair and believed that waxing is the only way? Think again, as laser hair removal is a much faster and most importantly less painful alternative to waxing. Laser hair removal, gets rid of hair, as well as reducing the amount re-appearing. Laser hair removal will last much longer than waxing will. It will allow you to enjoy your body without excess hair getting you down.

Waxing Birmingham – Pro’s of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is considered by almost every clinic as the most efficient and effective method of permanent hair removal. This treatment method involves using laser pulses with a specific level of light energy that can be absorbed only by the melanin (skin pigment) surrounding the hair bulb. The resulting spike in temperature weakens the hair bulb and effectively destroys the growth cells. Laser hair removal is ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted hair permanently and are prepared to pay for it. It’s important to note that laser does not work on light hair and very fine and vellus hair. Electrolysis is the only solution for these type of hair.

Pros: Large areas, such as legs, can be treated relatively quickly. Advances in technology mean all skin tones, areas and hair colours and types can be treated. You don’t have to have a regrowth to be treated, so you can shave between treatment. It’s relatively painless and the final results is permanent. Under the hands of an expert, there’s very low risk of scarring or skin burns.


The Cons of Waxing:  You need to wait till the hairs grow to approximately 1/2 cm before it can be waxed away again. This treatment method can painful, particularly the first few times. Doing it yourself at home can be quite messy.

Waxing Birmingham – Rest assured the price paid for laser hair removal is well worth the money, as it is the most effective hair removal method and it will take away the hours spent waxing.


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